About the Help category

This is a place to find answers to your Postman questions.

The first step is to search for an existing answer to your question. It’s likely that someone may have already asked a similar question. If you find a question that is similar to yours, you can weigh in on that topic OR ask a new question. It’s important to include a link to related questions and explain how your question is different.

If you’re reporting an issue:

  • Search for an existing bug report on the Postman app issue tracker to see if there are issues similar to yours. If you see your issue already reported, feel free to add a “+1” reaction and we will keep a note of it. This helps Postman keep track of all the issues and respond when the issues are solved.
  • Report new Postman app issues in the Postman app issue tracker
  • Report new Newman issues in the Newman issue tracker

If you’re requesting a new feature:

If you’ve decided to ask a new question, here are some things to include with your question:

  • Descriptive title: write a title that summarizes the specific problem
  • Introduce the question: explain how you encountered the problem you’re trying to solve and the steps you’ve taken to resolve the issue.
  • Additional data: include additional data that might help someone reproduce your issue - for example, code, collections, data dumps, console errors, screenshots or gifs.
  • App details: which Postman App, Chrome, and Operating System version you are using. You can see this in under Settings -> About.
  • Tags: add up to 5 tags so people can search for answers to similar questions
  • Do NOT include sensitive information like auth tokens or passwords.

Respond to feedback

  • After you post the question, be ready to respond to any feedback that may require you to edit the question or provide additional context.