Question on runner to crawl tweets that is not duplicated

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Hi ,

I would like to ask about the runner is there a any resource that helps to show how to use runner in case I want to crawl 5000 tweets, I mean how many iterations and how to use the milliseconds? I’m using the Search Tweets: Full Archive / Sandbox which allows me to get 50 requests/month and also I have a rate limit per second which is (10 requests/sec) ! so I calculated how much time I should to setup

I put 50 iterations and 1000 milliseconds as a delay is this correct ? is this mean I will not get tweets duplicated in my dataset?

I also want to know is there is a limitation on my free plan on postman regarding how much of tweets I want to have based on these plans
I mean can I crawl 5000 tweets in the postman free plan.

Thank you