Collection Runner not able to open an old collection I have

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Describe the bug
When trying to run an old collection I have, the Collection Runner just says “Something went wrong”

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to Collection Runner
  2. Click on my old collection
  3. See error

Expected behavior
I’m able to go to the next window to run my collection

Actual behavior
Developer Tools error:
vendor-shared.js:689048 TypeError: itemGroup.folders_order is not iterable
at expandTree (runner.js:11639)
at expandTree (runner.js:11647)
at RunnerRunsContainer.computeStructure (runner.js:11664)
at RunnerRunsContainer.setState (runner.js:11755)
at Ke (vendor-shared.js:339632)
at commitLifeCycles (vendor-shared.js:339674)
at b (vendor-shared.js:339683)
at m (vendor-shared.js:339694)
at w (vendor-shared.js:339693)
at batchedUpdates (vendor-shared.js:339696)
at tc (vendor-shared.js:339579)
at vd (vendor-shared.js:339596)
at HTMLDocument.sentryWrapped (vendor-shared.js:688535)


App information (please complete the following information):

  • App Type: Postman
  • Postman Version: v7.3.3
  • OS: Windows 7.

Hi @christinmb, can you please write to us at and can you please share the collection (feel free to retract any sensitive information)?

Also, if you have any idea as to when you created this collection (which app version)?
Please mention that too.

Thank you!