There is -1 issue remaining / X issues found for API schema validation

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I’m trying to create API documentation and validate my API against a json schema before publishing the API. When I go to validate my documentation, there are no details for what any issues are. If i click on the actual request, there’s no indication of any validation issue.

I tried “Select all changes” and applying it - then I get a message saying the collection has been updated and that “There is -1 issue remaining”. In the “view issues” browser screen, on the top left it says there are “X issues found”.

I would appreciate help on how I can figure out why I’m getting these issues and how to resolve them.

Some screenshots:

Hi there!

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I understand you are having issues with schema validations.

So that we can repro the issue, can you share a bit more information on:

  • API schema type
  • The app version

Also if possible, can you check if you can repro the issue with a different API schema (so that we can isolate the issue to a specific schema)?

API schema type:
“openapi”: “3.0.1”,

postman app:
Version 7.36.1 (7.36.1)

I will try to reproduce with a different API schema and update

Hey @juliehive! Thanks for those information!

Please let me know how it goes with a different API schema. Looking forward to hearing back from you!

Looks like my original issue has been resolved! - I haven’t had a chance to test with another schema yet.

However I still see “Issues Found” when validating in the Postman App (see screenshot) - when I click to “Review Issues” it takes me to the “Collection Updated” page (2nd ss)


Hey @juliehive! I’m glad to hear that the issue has been resolved :smiley:

I see you are still seeing “Issues found” message although the collection has been updated in accordance with the schema – this is very strange.

I would still be interested if the issue is reproducible, i.e. whether you will see the same issue if you repeat the process of creating API from schema again with the same schema as well as a different schema.
If you have some time to test this out, please let me know :wink:

Hi @taehoshino @juliehive → I’m experiencing the exact same thing. Collection validation shows “issues found”, but when clicking on the link to explore the issues, there are none???
@juliehive often i find it helpful to look at [] to verify that the structure of my API definition follows the spec from . They have extensive examples for structuring your api.

Hey @fclante! Welcome to the community :wave:

I understand you are having the same issue here - Happy to help!

Can you share some screenshots showing where you see the issue? (please remember to remove any sensitive information)

Also, can you check if the issue is reproducible with another API schema to validate if this is an issue with the specific API schema? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your cooperation on this.
I am looking forward to hearing back from you!