Postman collection fails when run in collection runner and succeeds when run manually

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Hi Team,

I have set up a postman collection which triggers every hour and send a email if anything fails. All, the test cases in the collections are passed when I trigger the collection manually, whereas if the test cases fails when the collection is triggered hourly. The test case that fails is as below

pm.test(“Response time is more than 3000ms”, function () {



This test case fails when the collection is triggered by collection runner, and the test case is passed when the collection is triggered manually.

I have tried, to select different regions for running the collection but still it fails.

Note:- I have one collection, pointing to two different environment those are Production V3, Beta V3. The production collection fails rarely, but the Beta V3 collection fails more frequently.

Could you help me understand the reason for this repeated failure of the collection

Looks to me like it’s your API.

How is your API implemented? Maybe it’s waiting for something to spin up when running in the monitor.