Lost all my collection (years of work)

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Unlike many other posts regarding losing collection
I did not upgrade, I’m already at the latest v7.21.1
I did not logout / login

All I did was clicked on history and toggled “Save Responses”
And now Collections are all gone.
Years of work gone.

Trash is empty,
What kind of safety measures are in place to guard us against such nasty bugs like this?

Please say it is recoverable.


Hi @hrant. Sorry to hear about this. If you’re logged into the app with your Postman account, all of your work is backed up to the cloud. If not, there’s a few things we can try.

Would you please open a ticket with us so we can assist further?

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Hi John-Paul, thanks for the follow up.

I don’t sync my collection to the cloud, and when I checked I couldn’t find anything there.
Is it backed up regardless?

In one of the other threads I saw a suggestion about installing the Canary build,
I tried that and saw older version of my collection, I’m assuming that at some point I had installed the Canary version, and then uninstalled it, which would explain the presence of old Collection set. (is that a correct assumption?)

In another thread there was a suggestion to export all data and import it back.
I tried that and my collection reappeared.

So after the big scare, I’m fine now.
I assume you still want me to log a ticket?
Let me know.

Many thanks

Hi @hrant. Really glad to hear you were able to restore your Collections.

If you don’t mind opening a ticket with us, that would be great. Would be good to get logs from your app so we can investigate why this happened.

Thank you Jean-Paul
Ticket submitted.