Post 400 error for Mock "The request cannot be fulfilled due to bad syntax."

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I have imported a OpenAPI/YAML API and trying to create a mock POST request but continue to get a 400 Bad Request error “The request cannot be fulfilled due to bad syntax”. My body for the Post objects appears fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @connie2! Can I ask if you’re getting any other successful requests to run on the mock server?

Just to recap on what you need for a mock request in general:

  • A mock server added to the collection (your url var is presumably sending to that?)
  • An example added to the request (matching the method, address, etc)

I could successfully run my Get requests on the mock.

And the url var is the mock

Could you share what examples you have defined for the request?

Sue - I was actually trying to create the Post example and got this error. I have GET examples created and working. Perhaps I am not clear on how to create a POST example?

The process should be the same, if you’re able to screengrab the post example that might help - I would maybe also check the request headers in the example e.g. content type etc as I believe this can cause a bad request error…

These are our docs on creating examples but essentially you want to hit the Examples drop-down at the top right of the request builder and add one with the config you want to match:

Mocks quick start may also help

Sue- I have gone through this material yesterday. I will check again.