How to generate a collections out of collections

Imagine I have a set of 5 collections and each has 5 requests. I want to create a collection from existing collections. Let’s say I want a new collection with 15 requests in it (3 request from each of the 5 collections). What are the various ways to do it? This can be done manually I know. I want to create a new temporary collection for a client. What if I have to do this monthly for 10 clients. Is there an automated or efficient way to create such a collection and share it with the client?

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Hi there @aakash.gupta -

You can use the Postman API to script a solution:

  • Get a collection - if you’re taking requests from an existing collection
  • Create a new collection
  • Update the collection - if you’re adding requests from a different existing collection
  • Delete it - if it’s just for temporary use

And this is already very meta, but if you wanted to automate this process, you could create a collection that runs this workflow, and schedule a Postman monitor to run every month. Or write your own cron job using Newman to run the collection. Or again, use the Postman API to run the collection. Lots of options.

Hi @joyce, I looked into your answer and found API get request{{collection_uid}}. How to make a request using postman API to get some request (not all request) from a collection?

There’s no single endpoint to retrieve a request from a collection. You can look within the collection to identify the request(s) of interest by id, name, or other identifying information.