How to monitor the Internal API's using Postman

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How to How to monitor the Internal API’s using Postman and is there any workaround for such usecases?

Hi ! What do you mean by

Internal API’s


Postman allows you to test, mockup and run API collections, so if you want to monitor an API you made, you can just write tests and run them periodically with newman in a CI environment

The API’s are not exposed to public/internet

Ok, but that doesn’t change anything. If you run the collection from a server that has access to that API, then it will work

yeah using newman we can run in the server but how do we monitor ?

Well if the requests fails then there is an error !

yeah but that’s not the monitoring right and its automation running

Hi @sipalan2, you can whitelist Postman Static IP to monitor private APIs.


This is great so we can monitor only US-EAST, and WEST regions and we need to allow those static ips in our security groups to access private API’s?

If you allready use prometheus for monitoring, you may have a look at