You can create up to 3 APIs limitation - what is the limit for different plans?

Hi, I’ve recently noticed that I cannot create more that 3 APIs in Postman.
I’m thinking about upgrading to one of the available plans. However, I don’t see any information about the size of this limit for particular plans. Where can I find this information?

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Same problem here =(
Monosnap Monosnap 2023-08-23 10-38-43
and nothing in Plans & Pricing | Postman API Platform about API limits per plan

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Postman support answered me:

We introduced new limits within the July app release, and all plans apart from Enterprise Ultimate are limited to 3 APIs (Team limit). We added a note about the limits to our help article for visibility, but we are still finalizing the updates on the Pricing page.

You can navigate to the below link to check with the APIs created under your personal workspaces:

Ideally, when your team has the existing APIs it can be continued to use, but your team won’t be allowed to create any more APIs. You can delete the APIs from the APIs tab you currently have and check if you are able to create a new one. The limit for API is 3/3.

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Thanks for sharing. Was really surprised when the pricing overview didn’t show any of this information.
Not very fond of all those recent changes to push everyone to more expensive plans. Like the limit of collection runs through the UI…

We will really have to consider other tools if these changes and bad communication keep coming like this.