You can create up to 3 APIs limitation - what is the limit for different plans?

Hi, I’ve recently noticed that I cannot create more that 3 APIs in Postman.
I’m thinking about upgrading to one of the available plans. However, I don’t see any information about the size of this limit for particular plans. Where can I find this information?


Same problem here =(
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and nothing in Plans & Pricing | Postman API Platform about API limits per plan

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Postman support answered me:

We introduced new limits within the July app release, and all plans apart from Enterprise Ultimate are limited to 3 APIs (Team limit). We added a note about the limits to our help article for visibility, but we are still finalizing the updates on the Pricing page.

You can navigate to the below link to check with the APIs created under your personal workspaces:

Ideally, when your team has the existing APIs it can be continued to use, but your team won’t be allowed to create any more APIs. You can delete the APIs from the APIs tab you currently have and check if you are able to create a new one. The limit for API is 3/3.


Thanks for sharing. Was really surprised when the pricing overview didn’t show any of this information.
Not very fond of all those recent changes to push everyone to more expensive plans. Like the limit of collection runs through the UI…

We will really have to consider other tools if these changes and bad communication keep coming like this.

I can’t find the docs, the link you provide also didnt show about the limit

This is a disappointing change. I pay $29/month per developer for the professional level at an annual rate and half-way through that period, important functionality is removed, not communicated to me and I have to Google to figure it out. I have to say, Postman may have fell short on their cultural value of “earn trust.”

I will have to talk to my engineering managers but I think this change adds a lot of expense and no additional value to my organization. The way I understand it, the API section allows my team to collaborate on the APIs and now I have to have Enterprise (pay more) to collaborate on more than 3 APIs even though I’m paying $29/month to pay for that right (by my book.) Why am I paying a per fee per developer for them to have accounts – to presumably collaborate?

I know what to Google next, “Alternatives”


This limitation has made me change from being a casual user of postman (basic plan, 14/user/month) to quitting. We’re migrating all workflows off of postman starting now. 3 APIs is simply not enough in a micro-service backend.


Hi Folks,

Can you reach out to Postman support ( with your usecase for the API section in Postman? We want to know your use cases for the API builder and see if we can help you unblock you.

Product Manager - API Builder


How is it acceptable for this to be a completely hidden limit, not mentioned once on the plans pricing page, 3 months on from this original post.

We added a note about the limits to our help article for visibility

we have very different definitions for “visible”.

we are still finalizing the updates on the Pricing page

How long does it take to “finalize” this? 3 months is absurd. You should finalise the wording of a pricing page before adding new limits. This really does feel like deceptive marketing at this point.

It’s also such a silly limit. Paying for seats - sure. Paying for your cloud resources - absolutely. Paying just to be able to have multiple APIs? Why?

This is an arbitrary limitation that’s been added to the UI with very little transparency purely to extract money from me at no cost to yourselves.

How can I trust you’re not going to keep adding more and more of these arbitrary limitations in the future, constantly pushing me to spend more and more just to use basic functionality of an API testing tool?


I agree that a limit of 3 is crazy when our team runs dozens of microservices, each with their own OpenAPI specifications. Not like the API builder is super-useful except as a way to generate collections, so I guess we can just constantly create APIs and leave them in-existence long enough to generate collections and no longer.

Pretty annoying to have to constantly create+delete APIs from a use-case point of view though!


Hum I discover it too.
It seems actually a very bad idea, which push our local user to search and propose other solution / tools than Postman.
Even there is a “solution” or “alternative” within.
It’s a bad UX with the product.


Time to take a look at some of the alternatives at Best Postman Alternatives: 25+ API / REST Development tools | AlternativeTo I think…

@shashankawasthi Any update here? Any idea when you’re going to “finalise” the pricing page and add some actual visibility?

Hey folks sorry for the delayed reply. If the use cases are around converting the OAS to collection, you don’t need to create an API object. While importing an OAS you have an option to generate a collection.
The pricing page indicates that the API builder is available for the Internal API Management solution or the Enterprise Plan.
I would request you to reach out to, we want to understand your use cases and see if we can unblock you somehow. You can link this thread in the support ticket.

We just bought Postman Basic and are not even using the APIs functionality… So why are we seeing an error message about our limit being reached and a counter saying 3/3 in the Team menu?
Also why is this still not visible on the pricing page. It’s kinda difficult to make a decision about what plan to use based off of hidden factors.

I’ve run into the 3 API limit but I don’t understand why. I did have 2 APIs but deleted one. But I still can’t create an API. Resources says I have 3. But If I make a call to it only lists one API. How is the limit calculated? Is there a time lag between deleting an APIs and it been reflected in the Resources?


Postman recently has been trying to milk its user base. Since they have ran out of ways to milk us more now, they are producing crazy limits to force people to pay for the highest plans.


This is outrageous and very dishonest. Having more defined APIs doesn’t cost Postman development team anything, it’s just a milking of money. Today in the days of micro-service architecture, when we use dozens of different gRPC APIs, having a limit of 3 is absurd.

As a long time user and promoter of this client, out team will migrate away from Postman and I will never recommend it to anyone ever again.


Hi Folks,

Can you reach out to Postman support ( We can help you out with some of these issues.

I’m always ready to pay for products and services which I use. However, this is out of my common sense. I thought there was a problem with my billing method at first. It sounds like I should pay more when I want to watch more than 3 Netflix series.