"Create API" Limit Reached - No API's present in my Workspace

Hi all -

I am currently looking into creating an API in order to do some testing on the free version of the platform but I keep getting errors. I have no API’s created on my workspace, nor my team workspace. I am aware that you can have 3 available but I haven’t ever saved any. I’ve tried tracking them down through my environments and collections, but cannot track it down. I’ve deleted most of my environments that I don’t require anymore, but still don’t have access.

Is there anywhere I can find how many API’s I have active, where they’re located and how to delete them? I feel like my only option at this point is to create a new workspace and hope that works.

Thanks & any help is appreciated!

Hi @Lumppytaters!

You can see (and delete) all APIs under your account at: go.postman.co/me/apis

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