PostMan Pro - Resource Usage limit


We got PostMan Pro subscription and currently have a team with 5 users and 1 support user. We would like to understand about team’s resource usage limits.

For APIs (Total number of APIs in both team and personal workspaces) i can see there is a limit of just “10”. Does it mean that we can only have 10 APIs published with documentation. Why do we have a very minimal limit on number of APIs

How can this number be increased to say 50 APIs under the same license and what are the cost implications. The Pricing & Plan doesn’t explain about the APIs usage limit.

If i were raise a support ticket, which category should i be raising it to.

Note: I have looked at documentation and other help links as well before raising it in the community for answers


Hi there @praveenrajapachamuth -

I agree it’s a tad confusing. The API limit refers to the entities under the APIs tab in the left sidebar. You might also call them schemas, specifications, or whatever you use for designing and developing your APIs.

You can generate a collection from your API (or create one from scratch) and then publish the collection as your documentation. You can have unlimited collections. However, there’s a limit on documentation views as listed on the pricing page - 100k for Pro.

Thanks @joyce.

For a Pro license, API (Entity) limit of “10” is far too less. The pricing page doesn’t detail about this aspect though. I have raised a ticket regarding the same and will speak to the sales team on increasing the limit and learn about its pricing structure.