Tips for portrait use?

I like to put secondary apps on monitors beside my open text editor/IDE in the main monitor in front of me.

I also (cover your eyes!) like to have those side monitors in portrait mode.

Postman does not do a great job of using real estate in portrait mode. The file tree probably doesn’t need an 100% height column and the navbar with icons definitely doesn’t, for instance. Basically I’m seeing four full-height columns (navbar, folder tree, request setup, and request response) where it’d benefit from at least putting the response under the request setup. Not sure what the best case would be, but this ain’t quite it. :wink:

This isn’t super-surprising, as I’m sure it’s not a common use case – I’ve only found one other example of someone mentioning “portrait” on this forum. That said, Thunder Client does an okay job, as does my Markdown editor, as do most browsers, who will let me put dev tools on the bottom, which I really appreciate.

If anyone does act like this madman & uses Postman in portrait mode and has some tips, I’m all ears!

I guess I should add one of my own, though it’s pretty obvious, I guess.

  1. You can collapse the “file” tree and navbar icons if you grab the edge and pull left.

It’s not the best – the treeview is gone, which stinks – but at least you can see things a little.

Hi @ruffin

You could add your thoughts / suggestions here:

Looks like that’s what I’ll end up doing. That seemed to be the recommendation over here as well, so I guess I wouldn’t be suggesting out of turn.

And I found this official video called Modify Postman UI, which seems to assume user cases only cover landscape & doesn’t show anything fancy like an XUL for modifying the UI, so I’m more confident I’m not missing anything.