Postman window fullscreen after close and reopen is not fullscreen

I’m on Windows 10 Pro, and normally have Postman fullscreen, but after closing it and re-opening it (for whatever reason), it’s not in fullscreen anymore, even on the same monitor and resolution, and seems to show some slightly smaller size or random size and position.

I want the window to be where it was upon closing (fullscreen or otherwise), where possible, but I can’t tell if this is a Windows issue or a Postman issue.

Can someone test this or let me know what’s going on?

i agree, Postman never remembers its position. In my case, it seems to remember its size, but it always launches centered on the screen, regardless of its position when it was closed.

I think it’s a Windows 10 thing, because a lot of app’s window position/size and whether they were full screen or not are not remembered after re-opening, even if using the same screen with no display change.