How to make sidebar fixed?

after the last update, my postman sidebar, which was fixed, is now in auto-hide mode.
i haven’t been able to figure out how to make it fixed again, does anyone know?


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Which Postman version are you having right now?

postman v6.0.6 on windows

so i guess no one has a solution to this?

Hey @esotirescu, the app puts the sidebar in auto-hide mode if your Postman app is resized to be below 1020px wide. Can you confirm for me that that is not what is happening to you?


thanks, it looks like this is what is happening.
i have always kept my postman on a second monitor in portrait mode and never had any issues. is this a new “feature”? it’s very annoying to have to click to open the sidebar every time i need it. at least make this configurable, so users can disable auto-hide if they want to.

Ideally, the autohide should hide the side bar as it does now, upon resize, but mousing over the left edge should reveal it for usage, while mousing away should hide it again.

is there a way to make a request to developers to change this behavior?

This was super confusing. I was frantically looking through menus to figure out how to solve this. Not really an issue now, as I know why. But I suppose a menu/settings option “auto-hide sidebar on window width < 1020 px” would help.

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I’ve also been hit by this recently. I have not changed the monitor I keep my Postman app up on—it has a resolution of 1920x1080—but it auto-hides the sidebar every time I open the application. I never want the sidebar to be hidden unless I specifically tell it to, so this feels like a bad UX. Is it possible to add an option for this in preferences so it never auto-hides? It seems odd to force this feature on users.

Hi everyone,

This feature has already been requested, I would recommend subscribing to that issue:

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