How to display Tabs and Environments when using vertical monitors

Guys, thanks for making a great product. We use Postman extensively for testing, development, and monitoring. There is one constant pain point about using Postman with vertical monitor I had to ask about.

It’s only possible to view 2 Tabs and that’s only if I squish the environments more than I would wish. If it were possible to layer the environments in it’s own “row” above the request tabs that would be amazing. Instead of smushing them against each other on the same row maybe they could be separated in that way. When the monitor is horizontal this not an issue and it’s a great experience. When I’m using Visual Studio it’s much preferred to use a vertical monitor.


Hey @scdecade, welcome here!

I’m also using Postman on a vertical monitor most of the time and I find that toggling the sidebar on/off usually helps with that. You can do that by clicking on the icon at the bottom left of the app.
It’s only a workaround though so I’d also recommend that you post a feature request for your idea on our GitHub repository:

Hope that helps!

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