New layout in Postman Canary!

Hello everyone! :wave:

We’re moving things around to help you make Postman your own, and we’re looking for some feedback. If you’d like to see what I’m talking about, you can either download Postman Canary to try it out straight away or keep on reading to see what’s changing!

  • We’ve moved the console and attached it to the bottom of the app, no more jumping from one window to another! Keep it open to see what’s happening in real-time and hide it when you don’t need it.

You can still open the console in a different window through View > Open Postman Console or using the console shortcut.

  • The sidebar is in the way? It’s hidden and you don’t know how to re-open it? This won’t be a problem anymore! You can now toggle the sidebar open/close by clicking an arrow on the right-side of the sidebar. Also, whenever the sidebar is in closed-state, you’ll now see three extra buttons that allow you to directly access History, Collections, or APIs.

  • If you’ve been reading this far, you may have noticed elements sticking to places. This is the essence of that update, you can now open/close any pane that you do not need and get it out of your view. To show it again, simply slide it open. :slightly_smiling_face:

We hope you’ll like using panes in Postman! Give it a try by downloading or updating Postman Canary and let us know what you think in this thread. :smiley:


i love this new layout !


Noice. I’m using Postman heavily for some AP debugging, so I won’t go Canary, but am looking forward to this update (the Console has always been a little bit of a pain due to being in a second window).


Thanks for the feedback!

@mloux If you want to try it out, you can run the stable version and the canary version in parallel. :slightly_smiling_face:

:heart: This is the best thing since infinite zoom!!!

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I really like the side bar minimization but still have the ability to get to the key features.


I hate that the other scrollbar is gone. It makes the system very clunky to use now because I have to expand and minimize the params panel every single time I make a request.

@cgrindstaff Have you tried the side-by-side view to maximise vertical space use?
You can change that at the bottom-right of the app.


That helps somewhat, but then I have to constantly dock and undock the farthest left pane to see the list of apis. If I keep it docked, both the params panel and the response panel are too squished to really see much. It’s not ideal.

Sorry but I really dislike the new layout. How can I change it back to the old one before???

@ziv, Sorry to hear that. Could you explain a bit what exactly do you dislike about the new layout?

I used to send my calls, then scrolling down to see the response and immediately I would see the WHOLE response all over the screen. (The GUI itself was scrollable, now it does not!)
Now I can not toggle between the body and the response and I have to decide rather to look at both of them but at really small font or just see one of them…
I want the scrolling back. this is really making my life difficult!

Thanks @ziv - We are taking your feedback into consideration, and some improvements should be available in the next release.