What's new in Postman 7.31?

Oh hi there!

Postman 7.31 just arrived with some new stuff. Try it out by updating your app or downloading the latest version.

Customize the text editor

For more control and flexibility in the text editing areas, customize things like using tabs or spaces to indent and auto-closing brackets and quotes.

Looking for a new font to spice up your day? Find something that suits your mood (check out this or this). And YES - beloved favorites like 'Comic Sans MS' and 'Wingdings' do indeed render in the editors.

Then head over to the wrench icon > Settings > General > Editor settings to update your preferences.

Resize the request and response panes

If you spend a lot of your day in Postman, here’s a handy shortcut to increase your viewing space. When you’re tinkering with the request and inspecting the response, you might hop back and forth between the two panes.

Hold Alt on Windows (option on Mac) while you scroll up to focus on the request or scroll down to focus on the response.

And remember, there’s some buttons on the bottom right to show or hide the sidebar and switch between a two pane or single pane view for more viewing space. And a bunch more keyboard shortcuts too, under the wrench icon > Settings > Shortcuts.

:wave: Ciao ciao, for now! If you’d like to see the complete list of improvements and bug fixes that were part of this release, check out the full release notes.

Don’t forget to download the latest app, and let us know if you have any feedback!