"Your session has expired" but sign in via google or other doesnt work, and no way to access non-sync'd work

I opened postman this morning to find a message saying “Your session has expired. Please sign in again”

However when I try to sign in it says that my username + password combination is incorrect, although I can sign into this postman website with it just fine. If I use the google account which also works on the website I get “400: Please sign in to the same account as earlier”

I checked what my account has synced and it’s essentially months out of date.

I have a lot of work on the app that looks like its about to be lost if i sign out, I can see it through the overlay, but the app is preventing me accessing the data or exporting it as far as i can see.

I have tried copying the file__0.indexeddb.leveldb files to a new install of canary postman, but I get the same behaviour in canary.


You need to sign in using the same account you were earlier signed in with, you are trying to sign in with different account than the one that has expired, so it is giving you that error.

Thank you, apparently i have two accounts which is news to me, thanks for that.