Repeatedly asked to sign in the past 2 days

I’ve been repeatedly asked to sign in the past 2 days. I receive the message:
Session Expired
Your session has expired. Please sign in again.

Happens about every half hour. Can we make this stop? I don’t need to sync, can I work offline and keep my workspace? I accidentally logged in with a different account, and that wiped my workspace, can’t get back into it.


Sorry about this! This was a fixed a while back. We had an issue with one of our backend services.

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I’m also experiencing this issue today. I had to login two times in the last couple of hours. Are you having the same issues today as well?


I’m experiencing this as well and have been dealing with this for about 2 weeks. Its frustrating enough that we’re considering switching to a different platform. Please fix this asap.

Additional info for troubleshooting:

  • Version: Postman v7.6.0 (Latest at present time)
  • Logged in via Google Authentication
  • Using team collection

hi I am also “enjoying” this new feature - Postman is stuck in constant sign-in loop - not what i need really.

I am using postman native app. And I am seeing this issue of “Session Expired” and asking to sign-in in a loop. Cannot login now. Please need help all my workspace in there.


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Oh wow! It’s still a thing 2 years later! I’ve been asked to sign in 3 times in the past 24 hours. This is very annoying app behavior.

If you want Postman to retain your login credentials, select Remember me. Once you select this option, Postman retains your credentials for 30 days.

If the box is unticked, you’ll be asked to re-authenticate after 12 hours.

If your session is being revoked multiple times within the time span of 12 hours, then, we might need to investigate further. Feel free to submit a support ticket: