Nov 2019 Postman App: Sign-In with Google not working

Postman has been working fine, But I have to sign-in again
“Your session has expires please sign-in again”
However it hangs trying to sign-in with Google.

If I close the app, it restarts automatically and tells me to sign-in again

I also tried updating, but that fails too.

I can’t do anything with Postman how can I get it working again (preferably without uninstalling/reinstalling)

Hi @tomfp,

We’ve had some issues with Google sign-in last Friday. It has been solved since so you should be able to login normally now.

More info about the issue here:

Hey It Still Doesn’t work.
Postman: Sign Up with Google Button doesn’t response (Screen record attached) WIN10 x64 Desktop App


Or Hasson

Hey @orhasson - does it work if you check the box to agree to the terms of use?

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