Postman desktop App sign in Failing

Can’t sign in to postman desktop after the old session expired.

I click sign-in, the web page opens, I sign in with my credentials just fine but the desktop app just remains stuck and doesn’t pick that I’m actually signed in. I even clicked the button ''Check if you’re signed in" and it straight up tells me I’m not signed in even though I am?

I’ve already deleted the Postman folder from .config directory and tried again as already suggested in other posts.

I’m using Version 7.13.0 on Fedora 30.

I guess I could update to a newer version compatible with my OS if they were available.

Hi @edmonterde. Welcome to the Postman Community.

Can you confirm that you’re not on any VPN or firewall?

Yes, I confirm I’m not using any vpn or firewall.

We might need to take a closer look into your account. Can you please send an email to regarding this issue?

Thanks man. Already spoke to them and I guess there’s not much to be done other than updating my OS.

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