Working in offline mode

This whole app is just a mess, I’m over it. Anyone have any suggestions for Postman alternatives w/ similar features?

Seriously, how hard is it to have a locally cached copy of all workspaces to load if there is no internet connection?

Outlook have done it for decades… #justsaying

Please fix this before you lose a lot more users

This is not a specific account issue. It is a general issue for customers who for security reasons are not online with the internet and are not allowed to expose their test data.

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I have been facing the exact same issue. Luckily I was able to switch to scratch pad more. But I lost all the saved data under my workspace. Its weird that an upgrade restricts the usage.

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I have no idea how Postman allowed a problem like this into an otherwise great tool.

Why I can’t I just store all of my data locally, like Git, then synchronize when I have a connection, like Git. The bizarre thing is Postman has most of this functionality in the current version including handling conflicts so why enforce such a limitation?

Working offline is not a new concept or even an edge case, it is legitimate thing that happens to many developers and Postman becomes completely useless when the connection is lost. Yes, I could use scratch pad but whats the point? I get to do a bunch of work there then go through the exercise of exporting it and importing it back to my workspace?


Unable to load data as you’re offline

Your data may not be upto date until you’re back online


Can’t use postman without good internet. Very frustrating now

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So my employer just opted not to use postman at all, ever, for any reason, because this is SO invasive. A tool that forces users to upload proprietary information to outside servers is entirely unacceptable for many industries.

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