Working in offline mode

No offence to the design and developments teams but removing
offline work was one of the dumbest ideas I have
ever seen in a software update, whenever I restart the application or computer shuts down unexpectedly, postman forgets my data and I have the retype my web sockets end points, Jeez, can it get worse than this?. you need to help developers concentrate on business logic and coding, not on figuring out work arounds in your tool



You are missing the point. We do not want to use the scratch pad. We want to be able to benefit from the full feature set of Postman while working offline. We cannot use it online for security reasons. Those customers of your who are not aware of the security implications of doing development online will sooner or later be able to read about themselves in the press. Remember SolarWinds?

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Hey all! :wave:

Just looking to chime in a little here. I’m still a bit new but I’ve noticed this is a common complaint that some people feel our offline features are lacking. While my ability to help here is limited :sweat_smile:, I can help provide information on our current tools and also raise visibility to other team members.

There are a few related feature requests on our Github at the moment such as here and here.

Generally working in offline mode means your files are in the Postman Scratch Pad.

If you are missing data, double check your Scratch Pad or try logging out and back in again. If this is not working, you can also try this resource. Otherwise I would recommend opening a support ticket.

I wish I could be of more help here, but I appreciate your patience! :clap:

I would like to ask about offline model. @vk.postman stated that “Postman’s mission is to improve your API workflows by providing collaborative tools” and " With v8, the only thing that’s changed is the way we handle this. The scratch pad is meant to be inherently offline, and anything you create here stays offline and will never be confused with the online experience within workspaces". I would like to test GRPC and I’m in organisation that have policy that block me from sync to the cloud. Why GRPC is available only in workspace mode? If I understand right for now some functionality will be available only in cloud even I don’t need to collaborate?

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Hi, anyone knows if this issue still exist in v9?

Yes, why can’t I find my workspace and collections when I switch to scratch pad.
It is so painful to start exporting each collection the switch to scratch pad and import.
How can I the downgrade to version 7 and never to upgrade, I can not be online always for me to work with postman.

We also need way to keep working offline. Postman should at least cache most recent version you used so that it keeps functioning in those situations.