Working in offline mode

I work from home over crappy satellite internet which makes my VPN unstable, so there are times when I’ll end up disconnecting multiple times a day. Normally this isn’t a problem, however, with the latest 8.x updates I can’t bloody work on ANYTHING in Postman because I’m not online. I mean seriously, I can’t even change the request body? If I wanted to have to be online to use Postman, I’d sign into the web version.


I’m the ONLY open-source developer in my department, which means collaboration is virtually non-existent. If I don’t care one whit about collaborating with other people, why on Earth would I want to be FORCED to use some “collaboration mode” that REQUIRES me to be online?

Do none of you guys use local Docker containers to run dev APIs? I don’t care if I can’t get to when I’m trying to test a local server!

Not allowing me to make edits to my tests is not actually helpful, guys.

Knowingly forcing users to jump through hoops to try to get back expected application behavior isn’t helpful either.

Why do we have to do this? Why was this backwards-incompatible regression allowed as a feature? This is a serious UI/UX faux pas when during NORMAL operation we suddenly lose access to our existing data. Even worse, instead of having a nice little button that says “hey, would you like to import your existing stuff into the scratchpad?”, we ALL have to go through the SAME annoying import/export mechanism nonsense to keep our code, and THEN do it all over again to get it back up into a usable workspace. It’s the same steps each time, so why the heck do we have to deal with this manually?

  • USERS should be able to make the choice between personal/collaborative workspaces.
  • USERS should be the ones to decide whether or not our tests should be backed up to the cloud.
  • USERS should be able to work locally offline without having to manually juggle importing/exporting collections and re-setting up environments/variables

Postman is awesome. Getting new features in Postman is awesome. Having tools to make it easier to work with remote peers is also awesome.

Being unilaterally forced to use this new mandatory “always online” paradigm with no say so, especially when it only makes my job harder, is most definitely the exact opposite of awesome.


The scratch pad is meant to be inherently offline, and anything you create here stays offline and will never be confused with the online experience within workspaces

I believe that’s not a solution for our issue here. If I work within a team, with shared workspaces, as long as I don’t come online, I can’t access the workspaces, even though they may be cached on my machine.

I don’t mind if my workspace does not update, perfectly fine, I don’t mind either if you tell me that any change to the workspace will not be saved and uploaded, or merged once online - fair game.
Just let me access, and use them.

To me it’s like a soft-lock, because I can open Postman outside the VPN, and connect to the VPN again when it has verified i was online. Instead of forcing to download the new workspace, just allow us to open the version of it we have on our machine, and let us know that “This workspace may be outdated and changes may not be saved online” or something like this…

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I’m facing this issue too… It’s been a nightmare


So, my ADSL line went down. Could I continue working with Postman in my local machine environment (rhetorical question)? This is really a problem.

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Could you expand on the reasons why you feel using the Scratch Pad is pointless - If you elaborate more on your context and current workflow, it will help us to better understand.

Wow, I really admire your politeness and diplomacy :grinning:

And to all the people whinging about Version 8 not working? How would you feel if someone commented on your software along the lines of “Oh, your software is useless. It doesn’t work”.

No further explanation, just a pointless rant. Wouldn’t you feel a bit p*ssed off?


I agree that it is certainly not helpful to rant and complain without giving constructive feedback… I also understand why all these people are angry, it seems like a use-case has been completely overlooked in the v7 → v8 upgrade.

As I struggled with the same issue, and ultimately had to revert back to 7, I will try to summarize to make the feedback useful:

For many systems on enterprise networks, outgoing data is not allowed, and is blocked by firewalls or proxies. For some this is only while on VPN, but for others using strictly enterprise devices, this block cannot be avoided (which is my scenario). While previously you could still create collections, intercept requests and cookies, etc. while “offline”, much of that has been restricted with v8.

Scratch Pad allows some of the functionality again, but is lacking in many areas that were still available in version 7. I don’t use Postman for many complicated things, but the one area missing for me with Scratch Pad was the request/cookie interceptor, which I regularly used in v7 and had become a core part of several of my collections for testing endpoints. I’m sure there are other restrictions, but this one alone was enough to force me to downgrade to v7 again.

To summarize some feedback that I would love to see, but I understand you all are busy and have priorities:

  • Scratch Pad is somewhat difficult to find… It might be helpful, instead of just showing the “It appears that you’re offline” error and showing nothing, maybe also showing the option to switch to Scratch Pad to work offline?
  • It would be nice for some of the previous tools (such as the interceptor) to work even when using Scratch Pad
  • This one is incredibly minor, but the Scratch Pad mode notification is very bright and blatant, and there is no way to dismiss it as far as I could tell… It would be nice to be able to close it, even if it starts open any time you open Postman :slight_smile:

Thank you for all the hard work that you do; Postman is a really incredible tool… I like the way v8 looks; I’m really hoping I’ll be able to use it at work sometime in the future :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thank you so much @monstro222 for penning this down.

I would suggest adding all feature requests on our issue tracker:


I encountered the same problem, closing and opening the application didn’t work. But I found out there were some processes of Postman running in the background. Stopping them in the Task Manager solved the problem, it worked after I tried to start the application again.

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As long as I don’t come online, I can’t access the workspaces, even though they may be available on my machine

I downgraded to version 7.

So after one of our Business Architects had the same issue she contacted me and we found out in the proxy logs that Postman was generating traffic to different URLs when launching it
If content inspection was turned on on these pages Postman failed and was in offline mode.
We made an exception on HTTPS Content Inspection on below URLs and Postman (version 8) started working:


Not very practical to make such exceptions for postman to work… Could you check this and maybe fix so it can work properly on company networks that have a Proxy (like most do)
Because all our other users of Postman have not upgraded to V8 and have not faced this issue yet. So it shows that this is something new that was introduced with this version that is incompatible with Proxies…

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Hi @ianarus - can you please provide your feedback on our GitHub issue tracker? It’s the best place to raise concerns about bugs or make feature requests. Thanks!