Working in offline mode

Since updating to version 8 of Postman, the app has been virtually unusable.

My company, for reasons I won’t start ranting about, has a proxy / web gateway called Z-Scaler running which takes great delight in intercepting web traffic and generally breaking the majority of the tools that developers like to use to do their job. Because of this, Postman can’t connect to whatever server it needs to connect to and is constantly telling me I’m offline.

With version 7, this wasn’t an issue as I could still create requests, save them to collections and generally just use it to test local APIs.

With version 8, I can’t do anything, everything I try is met with a message “Unable to load data as you’re offline”.

Is there a setting somewhere that I can use to switch to an “Offline mode”, or basically say “yeah, I know, deal with it”?

I raised a support ticket and as part of the solution some links to v7 were given, so I’ve included them below
Windows 64-bit:
Linux 64-bit:


Hi @roual

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Would you please submit a request using the link below and we’ll take it from there?

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I have the exact same issue, just as @roual posted.
It would be nice to post a solution here as this is the landing page from Google search.
I could work offline but how can I get my Workspace content back?


In the settings, you switch to the Scratch pad mode - This will allow you to work locally.

Are you able to reach the Web version to see your collections in the Workspace?


I’m a little confused, a request for what exactly, or do you mean a request to be able to work in offline mode?

Where in the settings is the scratch pad mode? I’ve looked and can’t seem to find it anywhere.


Sorry for the confusion here. I’m referring to a support ticket stating the issue with your app. We are aware of this issue and we are tracking it internally. Once again, so sorry for the hassle.

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It’s on the settings menu rather than being in the General Settings



Awesome, found it and it works beautifully :grinning:


Ah, right. My bad, I originally posted because I wanted to know if there was an “offline” mode, but I’ll happily raise it as a support ticket.

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Yes, in the Web version it’s all visible in the Workspace.
I ended up downgrading back to 7.36.1 and, for the moment, I’m back to work.
I’ll try again next week and see if the Scratch pad mode works for me.

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Finally someone asked the true questions :sunglasses:


Seeing the same issue here. The web client works (thankfully) and the local client works in ‘Scratch pad’ mode, but version 8+ seems to have issues with zscaler.

Developer tools output:

Does version 7.1.1 have this issue of not being able to work offile? I am trying to work in our intranet site, simple calls to our phone book appplication, but to no avail. I get errors all the time…

7.1.1 is a very old version of the app - You could be facing different issues than the ones faced here.

Without more context and information about the errors and what you can see in the UI, it’s going to be difficult to know what your problem might be.

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The Postman app and site are both unusable for me, even after my IT dept provided me with a proxy. In the past I was able to use Postman in offline mode and sync my workspaces off corporate VPN, but Postman 8 is now unusable and I have to go back to latest release of Postman 7. Scratch Pad seems too limiting to be of any real use. I understand the thought that an API testing app should always be online, but there are scenarios where it makes sense (localhost testing).

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Could you elaborate on the parts you feel are unstable - This will provide insights into what could be improved. Any reproducible examples would help here too.

Could you expand on what areas of the Scratch pad that you feel are limiting you from achieving your current workflow?

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Not unstable… unusable. We are getting a screen that says it cannot load data while offline. In Postman 7.x, it would at least load the locally cached data. My current workaround has been to downgrade to Postman 7.

Scratch Pad is too limiting in that I’ve built up many workspaces that I’d like to keep using and I’m not going to re-build those. I could be wrong, but I also take it that I wouldn’t be able to save any “Scratch Pad” workspaces. So it’s fine for one-off requests, but not when I need to have lots of variables, scripts, etc. that I need to be persisted for the next time I use the application.


Same problem here. Totally unusable v 8.5! Is there a way to revert the upgrade to v 7?
If not than I have to quit using Postman. Fortunately I was the first in my company who faced this problem and told my colleagues not to upgrade.
Time to start looking for a replacement…


As this is the Postman community fourm and not the best place to discuss specific account issues.

Could you drop us a message at from you registered account so we can investigate what might be happening here?

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