Working directory for the VS Code Postman extension


I have a request to upload files. In the collection I have selected a file from the working directory, as set up in the Postman application. While using the request from the Postman app, everything works fine. But if I try to use the request from within VS Code, I get an error:

Form param `upload-files`, file load error: "file.txt", no such file

Does this mean that the extension does not use the same working directory? If yes, where do I set it up? I looked in the settings, but for Postman there is only a setting to enable telemetry.

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Currently, the extension doesnโ€™t have the functionality to change the working directory. Also, changes to the working directory from the Postman app wouldnโ€™t be reflected in the extension.

This would be a great chance to raise a feature request on our public tracker. :pray:t2:

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