Not quite getting the Working Directory setting

I’m trying to edit an API configuration to use a stored file for the file upload process.

As handed off, the file supplied was attached via the dev who had authored the collection, so I had to manually attach another file for this purpose.

Hovering on the file that I attached, Postman was good enough to instruct me on the use of the Working Directory in order to share resources like this across team members.

So I select a local directory off of my file system:


Place the test file in this directory…select the file within the API call through the file selection dialog in postman.

The UI still complains that the file I selected isn’t in my working directory… what am I doing wrong?

Hey @karlkras1,

Sorry for the hassle.
This is a known bug and our team is currently working on the fix.
You can keep track of this issue in our GitHub repo:

Please let me know if you have further questions :slightly_smiling_face: