Files are not sent over `form-data` POST request

I’ve encountered a strange behavior with the Postman Extension for VSCode.

I’m trying to POST some local files over a multipart/form-data request, I’ve added 3 files and then I print their name in the console to ensure they all pass through.


If I add one file only nothing is printed back, if I add more files only the first one gets through to my API endpoint, all the others defaulting to undefined.


I’ve tried the same request with the Thunder Client Extension in VSCode and all files pass through as expected.
Do you have any idea why this is happening?

Additional info about my environment:

I’m using Hono to export a Cloudflare Worker.
Node: v18.10.0
Postman VSCode Extension: v0.14.3 (latest)

Hey @mihai-serban :wave:

Welcome to the Postman community :postman:

Are you seeing the same behaviour when you perform the same actions using the Postman app?

Might help to see if it’s an issue that’s only in the extension or it’s across the whole platform.

It’s working in Postman Desktop App.
Looks like it’s related to the VSCode Extension only

Thanks for trying that out @mihai-serban :pray:t2:

Could you please raise this as an issue over on our public issue tracker, for the team to take a closer look.

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