[Poll] Postman VS Code Extension

Have you tried out the Postman VS Code extension? :postman:
  • Yes! :person_raising_hand:
  • I still need to try it :robot:
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We’d love to hear your feedback if you’ve given it a go already :heart:

Navigation between collections by arrows keyboard, to open and close collections, selecting pressing space bar, is a missed functionality that would be great!

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Hey @bvieira080 :wave:

That’s a great suggestion :trophy: - It would be awesome if you opened a new Feature Request and get that in front of the development team.

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Hey @danny-dainton. First of all very useful extension, already have a lot of fun and benefit from it. No more switching between applications so you can stay in the flow. One question, maybe I’m overlooking it, but I can’t find the option to run tests in the extension. And I mean the “run folder” and “run collection” options.
Is that correct ?

Hey @rvdlouw :wave:

Great to see you on the Postman Community Forum :postman: :heart:

You’re not overlooking it :sweat:, that functionality isn’t currently available on the extension but it is on the roadmap :tada: - There are no timelines for this yet though.

I’d really like to see a feature that enables me to create a collection from an Open API Spec I have open in VSCode. Like, when I’m viewing an OAS file ideally I would like a little link at the top that says something like “Run in Postman”.

There’s something similar via the AWS extension for VSCode that will render a graph when it sees a json file containing a Step Function workflow definition :point_down:
You can see the Render Graph link there, it’s added by the extension and only visible on certain types of files.

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