While creating a Team Workspace is there an option for limiting the invite to only active company [org] email ids?

Asking this question from security point of view as currently it looks like any one with an active postman account can be invited and be a part of Team Workspace.
As we work with vendors, this could lead to security issue as the API’s that we work are secured and private. I wanted to know if there is a way I can only invite team members with active email id associated with the org. and access is denied to non-company email ids.
[e.g like when we work in JIRA or DevOps or any other tool, only active company id’s can be added to a project and access is denied if private emai id is used]

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This is where the paid version comes into play, and you can setup single sign on (SSO) for your domain. This will enforce the authentication to come from your active directory (or similar provider) which means that only active accounts will be able to authenticate.

Currently, you are using inline accounts, hosted by Postman, and although you are registering with your company email address, this is just the username for the account, it’s not really linking to your email apart from the ability to send it messages.

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Thank you for the response, it does make a lot of sense and I can see this as one of the prime benefits of switching to paid version.