Disable Developers from inviting team members

Hello, I’m looking for the option to disable my devs from inviting people to the professional workspace.

I can’t remove it from the developer role.
I can’t change it to “invite must be approved”.
I can’t create a new role.
I can’t disable it globally.

I’m the admin/billing support and a dev invited someone to work on our space without approval. The only info received was about auto-flex seating, which also can’t be disabled. I’m worried that if I go on vacation and don’t catch an email, we’ll be stuck with a huge bill for our small team.

Hey @zebzebzeb :wave:

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Could I ask you to raise this question to help@postman.com unsing your registered email address, please?- As this is account specific it would be better asked on there. :pray:

Hi Danny,
I can do that. I’m still curious as to where the setting to disable this should be/would be.

I’d expect that the experience should be the same for all accounts of the same tier.

Hey @zebzebzeb,

There isn’t a setting in the UI to prevent that from happening, that’s the behaviour in non enterprise accounts.

For all non-enterprise plans - developers can invite other developers in the team.
For all enterprise plans - developers can suggest the invite which admins need to approve explicitly.

Like I mentioned, I would recommend dropping us a message into the help@postman.com inbox from your registered account so that you can discuss your account details further with the team.

The community forum isn’t the most efficient place to solve this particular problem :pray:

Thanks Danny. I’ve send a message. It looks like the solution would be just to upgrade to enterprise which for four people, is a bit overkill. Thanks for your help!

You’re welcome.

The other solution would be to speak to the other people in the team and ask them to not invite other people to it :smiley:

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