Trouble with adding a team member


We are a global team with many private workspaces shared only to specific people from that team.

There is a problem when adding someone directly using e-mail address in the Invite form.
What I do is following:

  1. Go to Workspace settings (where I am an admin).
  2. Press Invite button.
  3. Paste the email address of the team member.
  4. Give a role and send invite.

Result is:

  • On pasting the email address in Name, email, or group name field, I get the following message: “Your suggestion will be sent to Team Admin for approval.”

  • Postman confirms sending invitation.

  • No invitation is received by the team member.


  • Searching by email nor name does not find the team member in this screen:

  • Searching by name finds the team member in this field but not if I try searching by email:

Is this some feature? And what is the logic behind it?


Hi @skyroamofghostviper.

I haven’t experienced this personally. I just tried it out now and it works as expected.

What version of Postman are you currently using?


Thanks for reply.
I am using v10.21.14 Enterprise.

Pasting the e-mail address directly and then pressing Invite button works out of the blue for you?

That is odd.

Edit: The person’s email I am adding is already a team member of a global team.

Hey @skyroamofghostviper :wave:

As you’re talking about an Enterprise account, it might be better to reach out to us on from your registered email and the team can deal directly with you specific account. :pray:

Unfortunately, we’re quite limited to what we can do via the forum. You could be running into a specific scenario related to that account type and the different admin and governance features that we have for those.

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Thanks for reply.

Since we have a workaround, by just searching the team member via name (not email) and then add them, we will not proceed further.

I thought it might be more interesting to you as a potential issue to chase after, hence I posted in the forum.

Thank you, it’s appreciated. :heart:

I would recommend creating new issues in our Github Issue tracker, it’s the best place to get it in front of the engineering teams.

Due to the nature of this forum, we see a very diverse amount of new topics each day and I’d hate for anything to get lost in amongst them. :pray:

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