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I am using Informatica Middleware. I have created an IICS CAI process that uses a Service Connector to log into an API… and retrieve information. I am trying to test my process in Postman… and it works fine.

  1. I did see the option to view the results in XML or JSON format, but those option buttons disappeared from my postman dialog screen… How do I get those back ?

  2. Once I successfully execute the POST directive in POstman, I am expecting to go into the IICS Appilcation Integration Console and see the statistics of teh executed process, however, they do not show any results… I am following the same excact process that I saw in a Tutorial, but this step is not working as advertised… Do you have any idea why I cannot see the process execution statics in the AI Console ?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated…

Thank You,

Larry FLoyd
(619) 2515217


I am getting the following error even if I am writing the authorisation token.

“detail”: “Authentication credentials were not provided.”

Could someone help me?