Anonymous users in my team workspace

Hi there,

I recently updated my Postman desktop and a day later the app is showing two anonymous users in my Team Workspace. :thinking:

I’ve looked in changelogs and documentation for something about this strange behavior and nothing, but I’ve found this post “Anonymous user displayed in Personal Workspace” unanswered.

I’ve checked the settings and they seem to be correct.

Now, I and my small team have many doubts. In times of many corporate leaks, my workspace is at risk? The Postman is the only completely online tool we use because it’s the best of the best, but lately I’ve been scared of completely online tools.

In workspace settings, what are the differences between Private and Team options for determining who can access the workspace?

This part of the documentation says the following:

Private - Only invited team members can access.

Team - All team members can access.

OK, it seemed clear to me by then, but “members can access” include read-only access? That is the team members can full access (view/edit/delete/config) and anonymous users can only view read-only? Is that so?

This is embarrassing, but I need to clear up this doubt about someone looking at my private data.


Hi @marciorodrigues

When I left an old workspace and later rejoined my original “connection” shows as anonymous and my new connection as my actual name.
Could be a similar issue?

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@marciorodrigues - In a team workspace these are users who have left the team. In a public workspace, these are users who have marked their profile as Private.

I can see how the term ‘Anonymous users’ can be confusing in a Team workspace. In fact we use Private users in other experiences like the Activity feed. We will improve this.

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That was probably it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Recently (about 30 days ago) I logged out of my team account and logged in my personal account. My teammate did the same on his computer. That must be why there are two anonymous users, that is “ghost users”. :ghost:

The strange thing is that this only appeared after restarting Postman after an update last week, seeing this is something that causes some discomfort, it’s like finding a pair of flip flops bigger than yours at your girlfriend’s house (who lives alone) [ :thought_balloon: hey dude, this shouldn’t be here :thinking:]. :joy:

Thanks for the answer.

OK, now I understand what could be going on.

Even showing Private User would be strange not to know who they are. Perhaps it would be better not to show connections that don’t exist. It’s scary.

Thank for the answer.