Only give user access for a specific Workspace


We have a Postman Pro account for our company. In that account we have a Workspace for each of our clients.

Now I want to invite a new developer that should only have access to one specific Workspace (client API). All other workspaces should be private or “hidden”. Is this possible?

When managing members for a Workspace I can’t remove the “Everyone in team” entry.

Hi @emilof! At the moment this is only possible for Enterprise teams (docs). As a Pro team, you’re able to give the individual(s) in question read-only access to all workspaces, but they’ll still be able to view them.

We’re working on a guest account feature that should make this process easier, however it’ll be a little while til we have a release timeline (see roadmap under “Planning”). At the moment, if you upgrade to Enterprise you’ll be able to switch to private shared workspaces that are invite-only (for both viewing and editing), allowing you to limit access as needed.