What's new in Postman 7.28?

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It’s release-Monday for us and for all our users, and you’ve most likely already noticed that when starting Postman today. So let’s go ahead and look at what’s new in Postman 7.28. :arrow_heading_down:

New pane layout

If you’ve missed it during the last few weeks in Canary, there’s a new layout in Postman! We’re not changing where things are, but are making it easier for you to tailor the workspace to your needs. Let me give you an example, you need more space to see the response from the API? Collapse some panes away and here you go:

You can now drag the following panes in the Postman UI to open, close, or resize them: Find and Replace, Console, Sidebar, Request, and Response panes.

You can find more information about navigating Postman in the Learning Center.

Improved debugging experience

As mentioned above, the Console is one of the element that greatly benefits from this update. We’ve taken advantage of the pane layout to move the Console within the app, so you can follow what’s happening in your API calls directly from the same window.

You can do the same thing in the Runner window to follow the logs of all your calls and tests as they run.

We know some of you may still prefer to have the console opened in a different window, you can still do this by going to View > Show Postman Console or by clicking the arrow icon in the console to open it in a separate window.

Next-generation URL Processing

The next-generation URL processor has been available to all our users since the beginning of March, but it was turned off by default in the settings. After having gathered feedback from users and made sure this wouldn’t break any workflow, we’ve decided to turn it on by default from Postman 7.28.

I couldn’t talk about this next-generation URL processing better than @udit.vasu already did, so I won’t! And instead I’ll leave you with a quick intro and a link to read everything that this change means:

We have introduced an improved URL processing system within Postman. This provides you the flexibility and compatibility with the ever-evolving landscape of HTTP clients and servers you requested us to help better manage. Additionally, it fixes a number of limitations of the present URL processor around the aspects of parsing and encoding.

Read more.

If you’d like to turn this processor off, head to your app settings, then under Requests, toggle “Use next-generation URL processing” to OFF.

Join workspaces from the workspace switcher

To improve your productivity with the app and make it easier to collaborate, you can now join a workspace directly from the Workspace switcher.

Just as with every other release, you can see an exhaustive list of what was added in Postman 7.28 on the Release Notes page.

Have a good week everyone!

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