How can I change the font size of specific UI items?

Unfortunately, I accidentally decided to update Postman, and was greeted by a horrible new UI which is difficult to read.

I’m a white theme user (call me crazy), and this update has made it extremely difficult to read the request types in the tab, take this for example:

Seriously, yellow on white for “POST” requests? Who thought that was a good idea?

I switched to the dark mode, but the font is still too small, changing the font size via the settings does not affect this specific UI element. Moreover, this “Font Family” input box does nothing at all

How can I make this specific element of the UI easier to read? Or how can I revert back to the old Postman UI?

The settings you have highlighted will only reflect the font size and family in the editor (Request body, Pre-requests and Tests sandbox)

There isn’t a setting to increase the size of specific parts of the app although the zoom can obviously be used to increase the size of everything.

I’m a Mac user and dark mode is not any better. It’s very difficult to read. Is it possible to revert to the older version?