Very confused using REST API

I am trying to test a GET using the API here:

I generated a key as the instructions said. Then I pasted this into Postman as a GET: -k -H β€œX-Master-Key:” -H β€œX-Key:”

But the response is:

Could not get any response

There was an error connecting to curl%20

I am a complete newbie and totally stuck.

You can’t just post that URL into a GET command.

The two keys have to be added as headers.

I would suggest that you go through the Postman Learning Centre first which can be accessed on the Postman home page.

Those courses have examples of using headers.


Skip down to Postman Training on the next page.

From here, I recommend the Galaxy APIs 101, and Galaxy Testing and Automation as this covered all of the basics for me. This will include storing environment variables.


Those headers are confidential bits of information, and you probably want to store the details into β€œsecret” environment variables. (You probably should redact what you posted if they are real keys).

For more info on variables.

Using variables | Postman Learning Center