GET Request - Secret Key

I am very new to this, so apologies for the dumb question.

I cannot figure out how to do GET requests using PostMan. My issue is that I have an API KEY and a Secret KEY - I do not understand where I should put the Secret KEY.

The Secret KEY seems to be a second API Key. Thank you.

Hi @balan.ioan.daniel.19

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The API key should probably be declared under the header section of the app. You can try to hit “Send” for this URL to get started: (Screenshot for reference)

Also, the most efficient way to start using Postman is with the help of in-app learning resource the “Bootcamp”. It provides you step by step way to use it. Also, our learning center encompasses a detailed explanation of every option within the app- feel free to leverage the search option to retrieve most of the details from it.

Will also be listing additional resources below for your reference:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: