Add API key and basic authentication in Heather


I’m wondering if someone could help me with the basic GET api below:

GET API Requirement:
Headers - Api-Key, Authorization (base64 encoded {username}:{password})

I do have my api-key and basic authentication in base64 encoded, but I wasn’t sure how to put it together in postman.

Hey @amiapiadmin,

Is it asking you to put them together or are they separate headers?

Are there any links to the documentation where you’re reading this from? Is there an example cURL request available?

Manually adding headers to a request is straightforward but it’s not sure of the full details, to know if it needs just one or two headers :thinking:

Hi Dannydainton,

Thanks for the screenshot. I think I got it.


I’m not sure what that means :smiley:

The cURL request doesn’t include any mention of those Auth headers either so I’m sure where to go from here without further information.

Hi dannydainton,

I think I got it.