Missing Header? Help please

Hello everyone.
I’m kinda new to Postman, still I’ve tested a few public APIs and I’ve managed to work with them.

The problem: I am currently trying to make a GET Request and I’m getting this error
“Error”: true,
“Message”: “Missing Header!!”
I’ve tested the authorization which is fine, and the method params are fine as well. I can’t understand what else should I add .

My headers are auto-generated: Cookie, Postman-Token, Host, User-Agent, Accept, Accept-Encoding and Connection!

Also my status code response is 200 OK! So it’s kinda working, I just get that short response i don’t know why .

Thank you in advance

Hi @rafaelmagalhaeshsami

What API are you trying to test?
is there documentation available?

I’m sorry but it’s a company and a private one and unfortanetly i can’t share it :S but i have its link, methods i just dont get any kind of response back

Does the API require any additional headers that you are not auto-generating?

Content-Type / Conten-Length for example.

I’ve added Content-Type application/json and it stayed the same.
When I’ve added Content-Length the Request is loading infinitely until I get a “Could Not Send Request”
Idk what am I missing

Really hard to tell without seeing API docs or more info on what you are trying/seeing.