Version 10.20 causes inbound block in Windows FW

Version 10.20 causes a block rule in Windows firewall.

Older versions do not. Any ideas whats causing this?
Using Windows 11 Enterprise, version 22H2


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Could you reach out to use on your registered email on, please?

Can you also share the logs via that email channel.

Hi Danny, thanks for responding.
Sent an e-mail according to Your instructions.

Just a comment, but c:\users…appdata isn’t really where applications should be running from, which should be c:\program files or c:\windows.

We use Microsoft Applocker and the default polices will block executables from running from that location without an exception.

I appreciate that appdata is one of the only place that users have read\write access to, but it really shouldn’t be running the executables from here.

The data\config maybe, but not the main executable.

I guess the clue is in the name. App Data.

I don’t think this is the same problem as the errors are different when something is blocked by applocker, but worth mentioning just in case anyone at Postman is reading this. Please put your applications executables in program files. Pretty please.

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