Postman desktop app is dead

Postman keeps on thinking that my client is offline for the past few days.

I have tried reinstalling, logging out and in again with the same results.

Web version works fine.

Has anyone found a solution to this yet?

If not then are there any recommendations on alternate tools that actually work fine and are not a hindrance in the dev flow?


Hey @i-am-dev :wave:

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Are you using Postman on a company network, on a VPN or behind a firewall? There’s potential that the connections from the app are being blocked on your network.

Using the Web Version is an alternative as you mentioned that still works or if you’re using vscode as your IDE, we have an extension on that platform. Not ideal but these can unblock you to a certain extent.

Could you try getting the logs for the app and sending these to to see if the support team can help you out here and provide a solution for your situation.

The app is working fine for the majority of users so there is something specific happening here that i’m sure we can get sorted for you. :pray:

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Thank you @danny-dainton

I seldom use vscode. It is on my home network so nothing complicated there.

I’ll check for the app logs.