Unable to reorder folders

When attempting to reorder folders on my collection, I am unable to. I get -


The folder I have attempted to move temporarily disappears, but closing and reopening Postman brings folder back.

I can create a fork and reorder folders on the fork just fine. However when I then attempt to merge back into master (with folders reordered) I get -


Version : Postman v10.5.6

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


I got same issue. As temporary solution, till the issue resolving, Iโ€™ve created empty folder with same name and moved all requests into the new one.

For some reason, Postman re-ordered all of the folders in my collection and now I have to manually arrange them in the correct order. However, after moving one folder, all of the unmoved folders disappear, which requires me to restart the application. Try to move out-of-order folder > โ€œAn error occurred while moving the selected entitiesโ€ > Try to move folder again > All unmoved folders disappear > Restart application so all folders reappear so I can move the other out-of-order folders > Repeat until folders are in order. Seriously?