Order folder in a collection

Can you please let me know how to order folder in a collection?

I want to setup a test data first using get requests and then execute post requests.

I understand - I can rename the request to sort it by name or use postman.SetNextRequest()
But for me its not a long term solution.

Is there way Postman folder/request be executed based on annotations or fixtures or tags? That would be ideal for me!


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That’s totally up to you. You can re-order folders in whichever way you want.


You can order requests within a collection by left clicking and holding on a request, and then drag it into what ever position you want within the request and drop it or you can even drag it into another collection and drop it there. I will, at times, duplicate a request within a collection and drag the “copy” to another collection saving me to have to rewrite all the logic into a “new” request.

The same can be done with “folders” within a collection, but it appears that folders will always be arranged on top of “requests”

I’s being hard order manually imported APIs with lots of folders and end-points (see this one: https://developer.mypurecloud.com/api/rest/postman/purecloud.postman_environment), and think that order it’s folder easily with a click (like collections) could help us a lot.

One thing that I tend to do is letter/number them. This really helped with identifying the below issue:

I’ve came across a handful of issues like that (the order of collections/requests getting messed around)