Postman Collection with nested folders doesn't run calls in order

I have a somewhat large collection with 7 folders. Each folder contains numerous other folders in order to organize the calls.

Before I run the collection, I see all calls listed in order in the Run panel. However when I run it, the calls are not being run in order at all - I can’t find any pattern to this, other than some calls have identical names.

Does anyone know of a way I can check the order? I’ve tried adding setNextRequest, etc, but it still doesn’t run in order.

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@suzanne.scheitle Welcome to the community :partying_face:

Did you tried naming the folders and requests with the number prefixes ( 01 Folder Name → 01 Request name, 02 Request name so on)

@bpricilla - I tried the folders, but not the requests. Will try that - thanks

ETA: Didn’t work. I’ve numbered such as,
– 1.1

Execution just stops at call, and doesn’t go onto call