Unable to disable automatic download of update?

I’m trying to stay in sync with my team, which prefers to keep our software versions at “functional” over “the latest” (don’t ask me about Mac Catalina), and since we test the same things in Postman, I’m trying to keep my version basically the same as theirs (and our team includes a part-time developer and a QA person).

However, my attempts appear to be partially futile, because even when automatic updating is disabled in Postman, I’m constantly seeing the orange dot over Settings, and it’s always about some new update download, and even with automatic update of “major” versions disabled, just opening the Updates tab will start downloading the latest update (I’m assuming)… and there’s no changelog or version number specified for the update, so I have no idea what the difference is anyway.

Can someone advise how to just turn off all automatic updating in every way, so that it’s purely manual? Or at least disable downloading, as there’s no reason to keep downloading versions that we’re only going to install after reading a changelog and determining with my team that we need the fixes or new features.

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