How to disable updates?

Hi I’m looking for a solution to disable updates not by application settings- update tab, but in different way. Maybe by registry or changing file. Even if i set ‘none’ in options, after every launching this application, window with new update shows (‘Update available’). Is it any way to disable this annoying updates? I will be very grateful for any answers. Thanks!

@Agata_Kedzior if that’s okay to know, why do you wanna disable the Auto updates?

Because I am preparing a package with automatic installation by script in silent mode. My client doesn’t want to this auto update option to be enable. Do you have any solution for me how to disable updates?
I must disable updates by my script. Is it possible?

@gopikrishna4595 - Hi. I too would like to disable autoupdates. Why? This is because 6.4.2 does not have the feature allow SVG image previews. It is in 6.2.5 but not sure which version this feature was removed.

@gopikrishna4595 Can someone guide me how can i stop postman not to update on restart ?

Hey @xebu

Can you let me know what is the Content-Type header returned by your endpoint ?
I tried replicating using this endpoint but got the image to be previewed correctly.

Hi @sujay.venaik - Thanks for prompt response. The SVG is embedded in our JSON response. In version 6.2.5 it would like below:


Here is a gist for you to use to review.

Hey @xebu

Can you provide a sample endpoint using which i can replicate this, so we could get this fixed asap.

Hi @sujay.venaik I have edited my comment with a link to the gist of the response.

Hi @sujay.venaik - I have created you a temp api-key. Sample request below.



x-api-key: [REDACTED]

“depart” : “13112018”,
“serviceId” : “GR6200”,
“origin” : “KGX”,
“destination” : “EDB”,
“coachId” : “B”,
“accomodation” : “SEAT”

Hey @xebu
I have redacted the Api key, will check this and get back to you asap

Hey @xebu

I created a mock with the response you sent, and could see response in the preview tab.
Attached screenshot.

Can you send me the screenshot of what you are seeing ?

Hi @sujay.venaik - the content of the gist is what was in the preview pane. For ease I have attached screenshot of preview page below. Could it be my colleague and I are missing a config/preference setting somewhere. We can reproduce this on 3 separate machines.

Running OSX 10.13.6 (17G65) (High Sierra) running Postman Version 6.4.2 (6.4.2).

Also @sujay.venaik - I’ve done a mock here: - get the same issue. Be interesting to see what is different between our mocks

Hey @xebu , Sorry for troubling again.
Can you send me the response headers that you receive when you send the actual request from Postman?

No worries @sujay.venaik

Content-Type →application/json

Content-Length →36968

Connection →keep-alive

Date →Tue, 16 Oct 2018 10:11:28 GMT

x-amzn-RequestId →d807d1ad-d12b-11e8-a10c-c7ab239fdf35

x-amz-apigw-id →O2nkYEa-joEF7Fw=

X-Amzn-Trace-Id →Root=1-5bc5b94f-25bc142c99cb428019bdbfec;Sampled=0

X-Cache →Miss from cloudfront

Via →1.1 (CloudFront)

X-Amz-Cf-Id →l8rcvQMq74_vNJEwitAb-q8v66ctEhBZBi0YSTFUwPcwx9vafSUuTg==

p.s. would you mind redacting our appi too please? It’s not quite ready for the wild

Hey @xebu

Thanks, i think we have identified the place from where this thing could have happened.
We would be rolling out a fix for this asap.

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Hi @sujay.venaik thanks for this. If you need a beta tester we will me more than happy to oblige

Hey @xebu

Sorry for the delay, but we have fixed this and is available on our canary channel which is the pre-production channel. You can get it from

Thanks for writing in and reporting this issue.

Hi @sujay.venaik

Thanks a lot for getting back to me. Will download shortly end feedback accordingly