How do I disable Postman from updating itself?

I am seeing a problem with latest version of postman - 7.6.0 on mac
I would like to go back to the previous version that I know was working fine v7.2.0.

Where can I download the previous versions of postman for mac?

Sunil A.

Got it from

Now that I have got the older version, How do I disable Postman from updating itself?

Also found a way to do it. But would like to know a proper way to stop updates.
If its not moved to Applications folder, auto update will fail

Hi @sunilammanabrolu,

Can you reach out to from your registered id with more details about the problem you are facing with latest version (7.6)? We’ll get this sorted.

The question remains, though. How can I disable updates? I don’t want updates forced on me. I want to decide if/when to apply an upgrade.

@davidb-upside If you enable, only major updates will be downloaded automatically. If disabled, minor updates also will be downloaded automatically. There is no way to stop automatic updates

I am having the same problem - and I’d really like to be able to stop Postman from automatically updating at launch without blacklisting any URLs
One of my collections is crashing on 7.16.0 and 7.16.1, and as a workaround I am manually installing 7.10.0 each time I would like to run it
Though the client forces itself to update to 7.16.1 every time I restart Postman

Any way to disable this in config files or trick my client into thinking 7.10.0 is the most up-to-date?

(I’m on Windows 10, forgot to mention that before)